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AnotherKafkaMonitor: Kafka性能监控平台

开源了一款Kafka监控工具 AnotherKafkaMonitor ,直接贴上README.me。

AnotherKafkaMonitor is an app which used to monitor kafka producer and consumer progress inspried by KafkaOffsetMonitor. It aims to help you figure out what’s going on in your kafka cluster, that’s to say, to understand how fast the producer send message to the kafka or whether the consumer is far behind the producer or not, if lag exceeds threshold, you will be noticed through alarm email.

How To Install
Several ways can be taken if you want to try

  1. Extract AnotherKafkaMonitor.war into default folder called AnotherKafkaMonitor;
  2. Edit file which located in path of  \AnotherKafkaMonitor\WEB-INF\classes\system-config.properties, In corresponding with your Zookeeper and Kafka Cluster Environment;
  3. Move folder AnotherKakfaMonitor to <TOMCAT_HOME>\webapp;
  4. Start tomcat, type http://localhost:<TOMCAT_HTTP_PORT>/AnotherKafkaMonitor into browser, please enjoy.
  • Maybe you want to make some change for your taste
  1. Download the zip file;
  2. Import into your IDE, like Eclipse or others as you like.